A Video on Thumb Arthritis Treatment and Diagnosis...

POSTED ON 5/25/2013 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

alt="Thumb arthritis treatment"> How do you decide on the correct Thumb Arthritis Treatment? This week in clinic, I examined a patient who had injured her thumb skiing a few years back and now had the beginnings of arthritis. Since the arthritis was mild, our focus was treating it with the Regenexx-SCP procedure. However, as I went through the diagnostic work-up, it hit me that my readers might like a peek into the process. How do we decide where the cells go? Why are we critical of the shot-gun approach to cell therapy practiced by many clinics? As I took video clips of the thumb stress exam looking for instability, I got the idea that sharing that on the blog would be educational. Click the video above for a 4 min window in the world of advanced thumb pain diagnosis...

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