Ankle Stem Cells: 2013 Regenexx Treatment Registry Data

POSTED ON 1/14/2014 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

ankle stem cells

Here is the 2013 download for results obtained via stem cell injection into ankle patients (with a few small foot joint patients included). Most of these patients had either moderate or severe main ankle joint arthritis, with many also having either lax ligaments and/or partial tendon tears. A few patients also had sub-talar arthritis. In this case, because this is a smaller data set, all time points were collapsed such that the last available report was used (on average this was about 17 months post procedure). I also excluded patients who had ankle osteonecrosis (AVN) and/or loose bodies in the joint. Again, nobody else reports this type of data on an ongoing basis-only Regenexx. For a bigger PDF version of Ankle Stem Cells 2013 Regenexx Treatment Registry Data, as always, click on the infographic image above.

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