Announcing the Regenexx Provider Network

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Regenexx Provider Network

We've thought for years that we'd like to allow other physicians around the U.S. to begin offering our Regenexx same day procedures. The issue was how to do it right, so that we could attract top physician talent, educate them in how the procedure was performed, and allow them to process cells using a level II lab facility in their office (basic in office biologic safety cabinet).

After years in the making, we're proud to announce the Regenexx Provider Network. These are independent physician practices who have been trained by our physicians and lab staff and who will offer the same types of procedures we offer in our Colorado advanced lab facility. They will offer the Regenexx-SD, -AD, -PL, -Disc, and -SCP same day procedures as well as eventually be able to take marrow samples for the Regenexx-C procedure in the Cayman Islands. All physicians will be required to track all of their patients in a registry (just as we have done) and will also be required to use imaging guidance to implant cells. The upshot? We're proud to welcome our physician network providers on both coasts! In the coming months, we expect more physicians in the network who will all offer the best researched and longest running orthopedic stem cell procedures!

Visit the Find a Physician page to view our initial network providers.

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