Banking Stem Cells

POSTED ON 9/20/2010 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

Banking stem cells means saving your cells for future use. Unlike other practices that use bedside centrifuges to spin down cells, we have a full service lab facility as part of our medical practice. If you choose the stem cell banking option, some stem cells will be used for your procedure and some will be stored for future use. These banked cells may be able to be used at a later date either for your current problem or future problems. Here are the advantages of this option: -Preserves your current biologic age and cell activity-stem cells age and get less active. Banking helps to preserve these younger cells that you can use at a later date. -Banked cells may be able to be used at a later date to help heal your current injury or for future health problems -This option makes the most of each stem cell harvest procedure Ask a clinic staff member about the Regenexx stem cell banking option. Your cells will be frozen in an ICMS compliant lab. Is this safe? See our long-term safety data on the use of banked and cultured cells for orthopedic conditions.

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