Dr. Centeno Stem Cell Chapter on Stem Cell Use in Orthopedic Injury in New Book

POSTED ON 10/18/2011 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

centeno stem cell chapter

Dr. Centeno was recently asked to write a book chapter on the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in orthopedic injuries for the new medical text, Stem Cells and Cancer Stem cells, Volume 1 (Hayat, Springer 2011). He is listed under chapter 21 - The Use of Mesechymal Stem Cells in Orthopedics. Our clinic is proud to announce that this medical text is being published 10/28. So if you are interested in reading a Dr. Centeno stem cell chapter,  in case any of you has insomnia and want a sure cure to lull yourself to sleep, the chapter is indexed here...

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