Dr. Centeno Teaching Orthopedic Surgeons in China this Week

POSTED ON 1/13/2012 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

Dr. Centeno in China

Dr. Centeno in China this week teaching orthopedic surgeons how to use autologous stem cells for hip osteonecrosis/AVN as well as for knee arthritis. Above is a picture montage from his trip. The images clockwise from top left: arriving at the lobby of one orthopedic hospital (the Chinese sure know how to make you welcome!), Dr. Centeno in the operating room teaching surgeons how to place stem cells using a minimally invasive technique rather than a surgical CORE decompression, what's for dinner (boiled peanuts and chicken feet!), a sign in the hospital with a poor English translation (instead of "No Smoking"). Our physician's commitment to spreading the "gospel" of "Interventional Orthopedics" is one of the things that sets us and our Regenexx network apart!

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