New Knee and Hip Replacement Infographic

POSTED ON 7/12/2016 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

knee and hip replacement

Over the years we've unearthed some great studies that show that knee and hip replacement isn't really all it's cracked up to be. All of this began as a way to show patients what I see in the clinic—a combination of both satisfied and dissatisfied patients who have had their knee or hip replaced. Many of them look at the procedure as a rite of passage, and it never occurs to them that if they look at the experience critically, it was tough, and the results were less than they had envisioned. Some are quite satisfied, but they come to us because they want to avoid another major surgical procedure.

The infographic above is a visual compilation of many different studies. Take a look, and share this with your loved ones who are considering these big surgeries! 

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