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POSTED ON 10/14/2017 IN Regenerative Medicine Education BY Christopher Centeno

Yesterday, we had the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) "Supercourse" at the clinic in Colorado. This is a special course for highly trained physicians who already know all of the basics and have been performing precise regenerative-medicine procedures for some time. The goal is to allow them to "cross the t's and dot the i's" of their education by asking instructors to educate them in one or more of the 85 procedures taught by IOF where they may have less experience. While I have been staying out of a teaching role this past six months to ensure our educational efforts at IOF can continue without me, I was asked to teach in this course. It was a great day and even more fun than a traditional IOF course as these physicians were all advanced practitioners who knew what questions to ask and who could learn new procedures quickly. They also kept me on my toes all day, and we got to try some new procedures that had never before been attempted.

It's important to note that for our medical clinic, this is a huge commitment. First, we can't see patients on this day as the whole clinic and its four advanced procedure rooms are turned into one big educational lab. Second, our staff is tasked with new jobs that have nothing to do with their usual job descriptions. Finally, financially, it's a huge drain. Having said all of that, it's all worth it because we get to teach others how to help others.

The upshot? This was the first IOF course of its kind and by far my favorite as it was taking physicians who already know a lot about regenerative interventional orthopedics and helping them get a bit farther down the road. Thanks to all the physician participants, our helpers, and the IOF staff for a great day!

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