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Happy Fourth! Introducing Regenexx NASCAR!

POSTED ON IN Latest News BY Chris Centeno

regenexx nascar

I get all sorts of things thrown at me everyday concerning our ground breaking Regenexx technologies, so I’m used to hearing it all. Yesterday was a rare exception, in that I was truly surprised. A patient who loves what we do wanted to place the Regenexx logo and our clinic name on the hood of a NASCAR racer, so could I approve the artwork? Huh?

Daryl Jent is a man in his late 30’s from Wyoming who in 2008 fell 30 feet from an oil rig and landed on his right side collapsing his lung and fracturing his ribs. He was life flighted out and was left with chronic pain once his acute injuries healed. He tried facet injections, facet radiofrequency lesioning, and epidurals before coming to see Dr. Schultz. He also had an L4-S1 fusion and neck issues including bulging discs and injured joints. Dr. Schultz has combined traditional pain management techniques with the Regenexx-PL Disc and DDD procedures and here’s what Daryl had to say this week:

“Yes I fell 30 feet and have been coming there since 2011, pain is 80 percent improvement since coming there. Dr. Schultz is the only doctor in my life I have ever trusted, I can talk to him about anything and he listens. The driver of the racecar is Brian Keselowski, has raced in Nationwide, Sprint cup and this is a pro cup car. He returns back to Sprint cup next month full time.”

So Daryl wanted to get the Regenexx and Colorado clinic name out there and happened to be sponsoring a NASCAR racer, so he offered to get us on the hood of the car! Above is one of the proofs for the car. The race is on Fox on July 11th.

While it’s great to allow more people to find out what we do, it’s more amazing to be recognized in this way by a patient. We love helping patients, which is why we became doctors. This is doubly true for John Schultz, M.D., who always gives 110% for the patients he treats!

So Regenexx NASCAR, here we come!


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