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Regenexx Network Conference Today

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Once a year, we invite all of our network physicians to an annual conference where we spend a day getting on the same clinical page. That day is today at our Colorado HQ in Denver. So why do this? Let’s explore that this morning.

The Regenexx Network

The best way to describe the Regenexx network is perhaps by what it’s clearly not. This morning I woke up to an e-mail forwarded to me from a colleague that touts that you, too, can add magic stem cells to your clinic! Who will be teaching you how to do this? A woman who used to run a cosmetic clinic who has no medical training. Is there a doctor? Sure, an internist who isn’t properly trained on how to perform orthopedic regenerative-medicine procedures who is located a half hour away. That is not our Regenexx network.

We first start by screening doctors based on skills. That internist above wouldn’t be able to walk in our door, as he doesn’t have the requisite needle guidance training. We then require our doctors to go through extensive training at the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation, which is why we often site our national network conference alongside the IOF conference, so that our doctors can get more done in less time away from the office. Finally, they then go through extensive Regenexx training and mentorship. All of this takes hundreds of hours to complete.

Our Regenexx Conference

So what’s up this year at the Regenexx conference? Here are some items:

  • An update on our clinical studies
  • A lab research update
  • Information on our corporate insurance contracting progress
  • New clinical information based on registry data
  • A regulatory lecture on where things stand in 2019
  • Time for all doctors to discuss difficult clinical cases

What you won’t see is a lecture on how to close 90% of your prospects or how to push more products down the throat of unsuspecting patients. That’s what you will see at every other network that advertises itself (other than one group I know of).

We Have Grown…

Seven years ago, in 2012, we had our first network meeting with a handful of doctors. Now we have a room filled with 100 people, which is great to see. As you can note above, it’s a full house here in Colorado!

The upshot? I’ve got to prepare a few more things this morning for this event today, so I’ll cut it short. I’m looking forward to catching up with all of our network physicians today and looking forward to the exchange of ideas between super specialists, which always occurs at these conferences. Tomorrow I’ll be blogging from the IOF annual conference!

    *DISCLAIMER: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx® Procedures have a success and failure rate. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else.
    Providers listed on the Regenexx website are for informational purposes only and are not a recommendation from Regenexx for a specific provider or a guarantee of the outcome of any treatment you receive.


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