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Regenexx ProActive: Tony’s Amazing Push-the-Envelope Life!

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When I first met Tony, he was amazing in every way. At age 60-plus, he told me he had injured his shoulder while working on the rings. On the what? Turns out that the gymnastic rings were merely just another challenge for Tony to conquer, mere baby steps compared to the physically demanding and dangerous stuff he loves. How do you keep a guy like this, who places tremendous demands on a gracefully aging body, going? You get ProActive…

Tony’s Adventures

Tony is a humble guy who won’t volunteer that he’s a world adventurer and adrenaline junkie, but get him talking and you’ll be dumbfounded. Dive the deep sea while living in a decompression chamber off the back of a boat—been there, done that. Jump off buildings or into canyons—did that twice. Swim with the crocs? No problem—done that with sharks and killer whales as well! Fly a supersonic jet at the edge of space? Did that last year…You name it, Tony’s done it or it’s on his bucket list. He has a bucket list that would put most of ours to shame.

How do you keep a guy like this, who’s passing age 60 at 100 mph and not looking back, active? Regenexx ProActive! What’s that? Let me explain.

Regenexx ProActiveRegenexx Proactive book cover

How can you be that guy or gal who ages gracefully and does what Tony does, or even what you love to do, well into your 60s, 70s, and 80s? Read Regenexx ProActive! The PDF of the book is available by clicking on the book thumbnail to the right.

What is ProActive?

  1. Avoid surgery.
  2. Optimize your diet and lifestyle.
  3. Use precise injections of your own platelets and stem cells to treat small problems before they blow up into big issues that stop you in your tracks.
  4. Pay attention to your body so you know the warning signs of impending muscle, joint, or nerve blowups.

How Does Tony Use ProActive?

Tony’s shoulder rotator cuff tear should have required surgery, but that would have left him less able to get back to the ultra-high-level things he loves. Hence, we treated the irritated nerves in his neck that caused his shoulder issue with his own platelet growth factors and his rotator cuff with his own stem cells—precisely placed via injection.

Tony went “all in” with Regenexx ProActive, just like he does with everything. We first identified any areas that could be problems with an hour-plus exam. We then imaged all those parts of his body with advanced MRI. We went through every tendon, joint, and ligament with an ultrasound exam. In the end, we identified parts and pieces that were either beginning to fail and cause him low-level problems or ones that were clearly going south. Our goal was to treat these small issues while they were small and avoid the major blowups that could take Tony out of the game.

The upshot? I want to be Tony when I grow up! He’s an amazing guy (and a heck of nice guy as well). Keeping him going toward his newest goal of climbing Everest and the Nepali peaks will be our next challenge. I think I have the easy part as he gets to be the guy that summits, hopefully thanks to Regenexx ProActive!

The Regenexx-C procedure is not approved by the US FDA and is only offered in countries via license where culture-expanded autologous cells are permitted via local regulations. 



    Lynn Hart says

    Do you have any therapy for the intestines?


    Chris Centeno says


    No, sorry, we only treat Orthopedic issues.


    Vince says

    Do all of the Regenexx doctors conduct a complete body ultrasound sound exam, dealing with tendons, ligaments and joints?Are the ultrasound exams as reliable as an mri?
    I am interested.
    Thank you


    Chris Centeno says

    No. Regenexx Doctors do what's called an Orthopedic 2.0 exam, based on the concepts of Dr. Centeno's book, Orthopedics 2.0: The exam often includes an ultrasound exam of the area, or areas of concern. The video describes the Regenexx ProActive Program in which periodic checkups to identify small issues before they become big issues are part of the Program. MRI's and Ultrasound are very different. An MRI gives a clear static image, whereas an ultrasound shows what a tendon is doing in motion. Here is a good example:


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