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Regenexx SD Knee Update: Joe Young Going Strong!

POSTED ON IN Knee Knee Procedure Latest News Regenexx-SD BY Chris Centeno

Joseph Young Regenexx SD knee update

We track patients in a Registry which tracks pain and function scores and outcome over time, and guides research and treatment decisions…but we love hearing directly from our pateints! This Regenexx SD knee update made us smile!

Readers of this blog will remember Joseph Young. Whether you are a parent, or have a parent, I’m sure you could relate when Joe explained that he would do anything to be more meaningfully involved in his children’s lives than his knee had allowed him to be. For years he thought he’d need a walker to walk his daughters down the aisle at their weddings, and attend his children’s graduations. Joe’s knee, which was originally injured in a car accident many years earlier, had gotten worse with each successive year. A knee replacement was proposed as the solution, but at 43, Joe knew that was not a good idea.

Stem Cells Instead of Knee Replacement

Joe’s knee was treated with Regenexx SD in February 2016 by Dr. Marc Adelsheimer of Regenerative and Performance Specialists, our Pittsburgh Regenexx Provider.  This treatment uses the patient’s own stem cells in precise image guided injections to treat the damage from injury or arthritis.  We had already received an amazing 6 month video update from Joseph.  At the time of the filming of his video, he was no longer sidelined by a knee which would not allow him to participate; he was on the field kicking a soccer ball with his son, a dream he never thought would be possible!

Joe’s Regenexx SD Knee Update

We received this Regenxx SD knee update from Joe yesterday. As you can see, Joe has used the gains his Regenexx treatment provided him to “help him get his life back”. He’s been able to participate in important “firsts” with his children and things he had not been able to do with his family, has been lifting weights, and among many other things, is seen above pulling a sled that weighs half his body weight!  While not every pateint will be able to do all he has done, seeing how Joe continues to use his Regenexx treatment as a tool to bulid on, brightened our day, and we hope will brighten yours as well!

               Regenexx-SD is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures has a success and failure rate.


    Sandra says

    That is really great but I don't have the is it 5,000 per knee they really need to make this more affordable I need both knees replaced and have. Even putting it off for years and I decide to get it done only to find out not a good candidate so living off of gel shots steroids and physical therapy and now will have to use walker got taken off of work schedule cause I waddle when I walk and they are afraid I will fall and sue


    Chris Centeno says

    So sorry to hear that you were not a good Candidate. Gel shots are basically a natural lubricant and can provide a few months of relief at a time, but the steroid shots can only make things worse as the kill the stem cells in your knee, and breakdown cartilage and damage tendons.


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