60 Minutes on Stem Cell Snake Oil

POSTED ON 1/10/2012 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

60 minutes stem cell

Not a month goes by where we don't get contacted by a patient with a life threatening disease asking if we can help. Since we're experts only in the use of stem cells for orthopedic injuries, we tell these patients that we can't treat their often life threatening conditions. In addition, in many of these diseases, the use of stem cells hasn't been shown to work in animal models and from our assessment of the published literature, it's clear we don't know enough to begin treating patients.

We at Regenexx applaud the 60 Minutes Stem Cell piece on stem cell fraud and exposing a unscrupulous medical provider offering stem cells to desperate patients with chronic neurological disease. Having said that, 60 minutes skipped over the excellent work being done by ICMS to provide standards for the medical use of stem cells as body parts including clinical guidelines, accreditation for clinics, prospective candidacy grading, and a treatment registry.

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