A New Regenexx Website!

POSTED ON 4/29/2016 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

New Regenexx SiteYou're waking up this morning to a brand new Regenexx website. It's a totally new look and new organizational structure, more in keeping with current web trends. The challenge was redesigning it all while still allowing patients to dig deep, which is something you can only do at the Regenexx site. Our web crew at Klein New Media have been hard at work for months on this project, mostly because we have the largest stem cell website on the Internet with over 2,000 pages going back to 2007! When I see the latest new stem cell pixie dust website pop up, I often take a spin to see how much info is there, and I'm always left hitting a brick wall as I try to deep dive into anything—what they do, how they do it, who does it, what their training is, what they think about x...None of it can be found. We plan on continuing to make small changes to this website over the next one to two months to ensure that we keep the unique "deep dive" property of the old website in this new iteration. If you find any issues or want to make suggestions to improve the site, please help us by adding your comments below!

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