Adding New Providers to Our Advanced Stem Cell Practice Site in Cayman

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I'm seeing patients this week at our licensed, advanced practice site in Grand Cayman, where we can provide our patients with many technologies that aren't available in the U.S., such as culture-expanded stem cells. We've been working with our network providers to steadily increase the number of sites that also have access to this fantastic and cutting-edge technology. So this week I hosted two Regenexx providers who are working toward getting their medical licenses in Grand Cayman.

I passed the wall pictured above in the hall of the Cayman clinic. It holds the licenses for the existing providers who can access this site. Right now that includes all of our Colorado clinic physicians plus Dr. Andy Blecher in L.A. However, that's about to change radically. Dr. Fenton in Vermont has also recently been licensed, and Dr Newton, who is with our Washinton, DC, clinic is already licensed. Add to that Dr. James Leiber in Florida, who will soon be licensed. Also, I hosted Dr. Fredlis from DC and Dr. Paul Lieber from Pittsburgh, who are both in the process of getting licensed.

Why are we expanding access to this site? Some patients require more stem cells than we can obtain in the U.S. or other technologies not yet approved there. While this is the minority of patients, we want patients that live in many parts of the country to be able to follow the doctor they know and trust down to Grand Cayman. We're excited to see how many more Regenexx providers decide to get licensed down here in Cayman!

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