Another New Patent Issues for Regenexx

POSTED ON 11/14/2015 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

regenexx patent

We have been awarded several US patents of late on the Regenexx procedure. These things take forever to process, with most of these being filed many years ago. They continue to define the difference between Regenexx and everything else.

Anti-inflammatory steroids are a two edged sword, on the one hand when used in the super-physiologic doses commonly used by almost all physicians (approximately one million times the dose that they body normally sees), they can cause tissue damage. This is the milligram dose range. However, when used in doses of a million times less, the nanogram range, different things happen. In fact in that dose range they are powerful signals for stem cells to turn into cartilage cells. In addition, this is a physiologic dose that the body sees and uses itself everyday.

The new Regenexx patent continues to protect our proprietary procedure by allowing a Regenexx physician to use platelet growth factors in combination with stem cells and a nanogram dose of steroid to help cartilage repair. This fits hand in glove with the patent we were granted earlier this year that uses an inflammation causing agent to ramp up stem cell activity. Many more patients on more proprietary parts of the procedure are pending.

The upshot? I've been saying for years that Regenexx is different, but we've been waiting for these core patents to issue to discuss in more detail why it's different. In essence, it's always been the second phase beyond simple stem cell therapy, where stem cells and perhaps some PRP are injected in a joint. Instead, we've long since recognized that the simple "stem cell procedure" was often not enough to get the job done (something that everyone else just now throwing their hat in the stem cell ring will eventually realize). We've also been hard at work creating new advances, including our phase 3 procedure, which will measure and then customize the micro environment inside a joint to an individual patient's needs. That process I'm sure will again generate new intellectual property, keeping Regenexx unique and far ahead of the pack for many years to come.

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