Another Reason to look for a Knee Replacement Alternative: Who knew the Knee Bone was Connected to the Ankle Bone?

POSTED ON 12/28/2012 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

knee replacement alternative

Might there be other reasons to seek out a knee replacement alternative other than the fact that a surprising high number of patients still have knee pain despite knee replacement? How about one you would have never guessed-a knee replacement can advance ankle arthritis. Your body is interconnected; what happens in one area impacts other areas. Despite this, our modern procedure oriented approach to orthopedics has ignored this important reality. Case in point is a recent research study that followed 142 knee replacement surgeries in 110 patients for 3 years. More than 2 in 10 patients (21.8%) developed ankle arthritis after the surgery. In addition, the pattern of the ankle arthritis was directly related to the alignment of the knee replacement prosthesis. Now all of this makes common sense, since what happens at the knee must impact what happens at the ankle, but as any patient treated in our modern surgical orthopedics system knows, getting your ankle examined after a knee replacement is not common. If you want to know more about how our Orthopedics 2.0 approach is a different and focuses on how the whole body works, not just one joint, read our practice's e-book on the topic.

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