Are Stem Cells Body Parts or Drugs? -Doctors and Healthcare Providers Weigh In

POSTED ON 8/23/2010 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

Great poll results on the pivotal question of if the patent's stem cells are drugs.  This was conducted by during the week of 8/20/2010.  See "Past Surveys".

Should the FDA determine use of your stem cells?

Recently the FDA asked a federal court to stop a Colorado company from offering an autologous stem cell therapy for arthritic knees and other orthopedic problems.

Should the FDA have a role in regulating autologous transplants:?

Looks like the No's have it-69% to 31% with 1166 votes.  This site is primarily physicians and health care providers.  Obviously, this poll is about our cultured stem cell procedure which we have decided to stop for now pending the outcome of our landmark case, not Regenexx-SD-which is not impacted by the FDA dispute. Moral of the story?  Health care providers and interested parties made a strong statement to FDA: "Stay out of my clinical practice and my patent's stem cells are not drugs."

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