Cell Therapy with a Higher Standard: Level III Cell Therapy Lab

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Level III Cell Therapy Lab

As I've discussed in prior posts, we have a level III cell therapy lab as part of the medical practice rather than a simple bedside centrifuge or a hood stuffed in a patient room. Why is this important? A concrete example is the data reviewed yesterday by the lab director. We wanted to know if there was any significant difference in the cell draw harvest technique between our clinic doctors. For example, if one doctor was not doing a good job, over enough patients, we would see that in lower counts of the cell fraction containing stem cells. The result? No differences in cell counts between doctors. Is there a difference depending on which lab technician processes the sample? No differences. We also wanted to know if age impacted the number of cells. In reviewing decades from 20-29 up to 70-79, no difference there as well. How about males and females? No difference there as well. All of this data is comforting, but illustrates a point. With a full service lab as part of the practice, these things can be reviewed for quality control. These types of calculations wouldn't be possible with a bedside centrifuge, as we'd have no idea what was coming out of the machine.

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