Do You Know Someone with Sciatica due to a Bulging Disc? Are You a Candidate for our PL-Disc Study?

POSTED ON 10/8/2013 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

Regenexx PL-Disc Trial

Right now we're sponsoring a trio of randomized controlled trials. One of those is the Regenexx PL-Disc Trial. This has already been shown to be better than an epidural steroid injection based on our registry data collected while patients were being treated and countless patients helped, but performing a blinded randomized controlled trial is the next step in research. This study is for patients who have a herniated or bulging low back disc that's pressing on a nerve and causing numbness and tingling (or weakness) down one or both legs. You will be randomized into either a traditional steroid epidural or the PL-Disc procedure. Blood will be taken either way and you will get one or the other treatment through an exacting x-ray guided procedure that will place either the steroid or platelet growth factors near the painful nerve and disc. If you don't get the PL-Disc procedure out of the gate, you can cross over to the PL-Disc group at 3 months if you're still having problems. The procedure and follow-up study visits will be provided at no costs (an approximate 2-3K value of medical care), the initial evalution to determine candidacy will be billed to the patient and/or their insurance provider. Contact if you're interested.

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