Good-bye from Grand Cayman!

POSTED ON 4/1/2017 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

Goodbye From Grand Cayman

Above is a compilation of sunsets from our back porch these past two weeks. Today marks my last day on "island time" at our licensed advanced stem cell site. It's been a great clinic, seeing many complex patients who can benefit from stem cells that have been culture expanded and grown to higher numbers. I'll be back in July and November, but it's time to head back to reality and what looks like snow in Colorado!

In addition, don't forget that a good number of Regenexx network physicians are beginning to avail themselves of this advanced stem cell site. In fact, Dr. James Leiber from Florida was seeing patients down here this past Saturday. Dr. Fenton from Vermont was recently down. Dr. Andy Blecher from LA comes down almost every month to treat his patients and has been down here more than any other network physician. Multiple physicians from the Stem Cell Arts crew in Washington, DC, also see patients here. Other physicians from around the network are in the process of getting their Cayman medical licenses as well.

So farewell from this beautiful island. As I write this, my wife is just soaking up her last bit of the beautiful weather on the back porch. The Caribbean breezes are gently wafting in with the sound of the ocean acting as nature's Muzak. Now I get to brave the spring break insanity at the airport!

The Regenexx-C procedure is not approved by the USFDA and is only offered in countries via license where culture-expanded autologous cells are permitted via local regulations. 

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