Hip Arthritis Stem Cell Research: Regenexx Publishes New Hip Paper

POSTED ON 12/8/2014 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno

hip arthritis stem cell research

There's not much out there in hip arthritis stem cell research, which is why we're proud to announce the publication of a new research paper detailing the results of our advanced registry for hip arthritis patients receiving stem cell injections. With this publication, we have officially increased our share of the world's literature of orthopedic stem cell publications to 29%. Meaning when you consider the absolute number of patient results published, almost a third of the patients who have had their results published in the peer reviewed literature since 1997 are Regenexx patients.

First, given the very unique nature of our 3 injection protocol with certain types of injections being given in specific sequences, the results only apply to our treatment protocol. Second, this paper tracked 196 patients who had received same day stem cell injections (the Regenexx-SD proprietary protocol) for hip arthritis. The results mirror what we've reported on this web-site. We beat the score on the Oxford hip questionnaire that sets the bar for a significant improvement on that functional questionnaire (a good thing). We also detected a strong relationship between older age over 55 and poor outcomes. This last part is important to discuss. The correlation between age over 55 and poor outcomes is an important finding, but we've seen patients misinterpret it. First, it certainly doesn't guarantee that an older patient can't improve, they just have less odds of improving. On the converse, it also doesn't guarantee that a younger patient will improve.

So to put these odds in context, a team that's heavily favored usually wins, but there are some times that it doesn't win. On the other side of that coin, there are some times that the underdog wins anyway. In addition, as we've previously discussed, when knee arthritis patients are compared head to head to hip arthritis patients as larger groups, hip patients generally under perform knee patients. I've blogged in the past on reasons why hip arthritis may be tougher to treat. In addition, we're the only network in the world whose data collection is stout enough (and honest enough) to begin to declare certain patients with certain problems less or more likely to improve.

The upshot? Our clinical research team is dedicated to publishing the results of our patient registry on our very unique stem cell injection protocol. To date, we've shown that Regenexx is a powerhouse in clinical orthopedic stem cell research and that will continue. If you or a loved one has an orthopedic knee, shoulder, or back condition, consider our 4 self-funded randomized controlled trials where you can access this advanced stem cell care free of charge. 

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