If Your Knee is Stiff, Will that Impact Your Outcome from a Regenexx Knee Stem Cell Procedure?

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Regenexx-SD knee stem cell

We continue our 2013 data download this morning with a look at whether knee range of motion impacts your chances of doing well with a Regenexx-SD knee stem cell procedure. For this data-set, I have to first thank Mitch Sheinkop, one of our Chicago network physicians. He collected this data prospectively on patients he treated using standard orthopedic functional scores, which included detailed range of motion measurements. We had our statistician query his database on whether lack of normal range of motion would negatively impact outcome. Our hypothesis was that it might hurt someone's chance of getting good relief from stem cells, as it's an indicator of a more severe level of knee arthritis. Did it? No, as the Regenexx-SD knee stem cell range of motion infographic above shows (click the thumbnail or link is here), there was no statically significant correlation between poor range of motion and poor outcome from the procedure. As I have noted this past few weeks, no one else collects this type of data nor do they report it at this level of sophistication. We're committed to using data driven treatments and to use that information to help guide our treatment decisions. This report is a good example of how a simple thing like knee stiffness may be a big deal. Should the doctor worry about it or should patients with poor range of motion be warned they may not do as well? The answer for now is "no". The upshot? If your knee is stiff, based on the data we have collected to date (this may change as we have more data), this shouldn't impact the outcome from a Regenexx-SD knee stem cell procedure. For other stem cell procedures out there, will your knee range of motion matter? I have no idea and even more problematically, neither do the doctors offering those treatments.

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