Introducing the Regenexx Prometheus Project

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regenexx prometheus project   The Regenexx Prometheus Project is a two year effort funded by a high net worth individual to determine why certain patients have better stem cells than other patients. While thousands of scientific articles have been written about every aspect of adult mesenchymal stem cell function, nobody knows why certain patients may have much better stem cells than other patients. We have been collecting registry based data for almost a decade and have also collected cryo-preserved quality assurance stem cell samples on each patient. The Regenexx Prometheus Project will allow a team of scientists to investigate the properties of these cells-including cell surface markers, gene expression, genetic markers, etc... Our goal is rapid testing that will allow doctors to more accurately predict clinical outcome based on the quality of a patient's stem cells. If cells are one day mass produced, this information will allow doctors to determine which bio-markers identify which cells to use as the ideal donor.

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