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If you read this blog, one of the things that separates Regenexx from other providers is that we have published and continue to publish the world’s leading orthopedic stem cell research. That’s not easy, as it takes lots of resources, manpower, and time. This morning I’m happy to report yet another publication on data collected about our Perc-ACLR procedure.

What is Perc-ACLR?

About 70% of patients who tear their ACLs are candidates for a fluoroscopy-guided stem cell injection procedure using the patient’s own bone marrow cells. We invented this procedure back in 2012 and have worked for years to perfect it. Watch my video below to see how this procedure is performed:

What Was Our New Study About?

This is a larger version of our previous 2015 study on before and after MRIs in patients treated with the Perc-ACLR procedure. The research shows MRI evidence of ACL repair as well as excellent outcomes with regard to patient-reported pain and function. In addition, re-tear rates were lower than surgery.

What Other Research Are We Doing on This Procedure?

We’ve been recruiting for a randomized controlled trial on this procedure and will be publishing half way point data this year. This means that ACL tear patients were randomly assigned to either get the procedure or physical therapy. I’ve presented this data already at a few conferences.

Do You Need Surgery to Get Your ACL Injected?

Given the technical expertise needed to accurately inject the ACL using fluoroscopy, we have a few surgeons who have been injecting it using arthroscopic surgery. While this is one way to get it done, this is like using a cannon to kill a fly. Meaning, why take the risks of surgery to perform an injection?

Where Can You Get This Done and What’s the Proper Technique?

There are approximately 100 physicians in the US trained on this technique (most of those are on our Regenexx network). However, there have been websites claiming that they can perform it. One of the less than perfect iterations of this procedure is to use ultrasound, which is not the best practices way to inject this ligament. See my video below for more information on this topic:

The upshot? We’re proud to lead the field in research publications in orthopedic stem cells. Our second perc-ACLR procedure publication is a great example of the time, energy, and resources that Regenexx puts into research. You just need to ask yourself one question. Is your doctor part of a physician network that publishes this volume of data?

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