The World's Newest Antibiotic is Already Inside Your Body!

POSTED ON 10/19/2016 IN Research BY Christopher Centeno


The introduction of antibiotics was the seminal event in modern medical history. All of a sudden infant death rates plummeted, and people survived infections that just years earlier had been fatal. Also, the modern pharma industry was born. However, as you may have read, we're running out of new antibiotics, as pharma companies focus on more profitable lifestyle drugs. Now a recent study reveals a new antibiotic in the most unlikely of places: in your bone marrow. Who knew that a same-day bone marrow stem cell treatment can act as an antibiotic?

Why Would This Work?

A same day bone marrow stem cell procedure concentrates the fraction of the cells that contain stem cells. This same portion also includes loads of other cells. It's those cells which are important in the story of why this stuff can fight infection.

The reason Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) works is the same one driving the switch in cancer therapy from carpet bombing patients with cancer drugs to programming their immune system to kill cancer cells. It turns out that the body already knows how to fight off cancer and infections, it does both every day. All you need to do is just amp up the body's natural disease-fighting ability.

Certain white blood cells (WBCs) are responsible for fighting infections. Concentrating those WBCs with the stem cells and delivering those to an area with an infection will theoretically ramp up the body's infection fighting ability at that spot. Hence, this is like placing more of those infection-fighting soldiers on the bacterial battlefield to turn the course of the struggle in the patient's favor and vanquish infection.

The New Study

The new study is authored by Phillipe Hernigou, who is a true pioneer in the world of same day bone marrow stem cell treatments. Thirty patients with an infected fracture non-union of the leg were treated only through the injection of BMC. The researchers made sure that the BMC was rich in certain WBCs that could help fight infections (granulocyte precursors). The injection was able to cure 25/30 treated patients with only one successful case coming back with a recurrent infection by one year.

The upshot? The medical community has been desperately searching for a new antibiotic, as antibiotic-resistant superbugs have been multiplying. It turns out, like many things, the best new antibiotic is inside your body, in this case, more specifically inside your bone marrow!

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