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Yesterday I posted our new ACL stem cell study that was just published, Hence, today I’ll publish a new ACL stem cell procedure result of our precise image guided injection Perc-ACLR procedure, from one of our affiliated clinics. After all, what you can prove in an academic paper has to be able to be taught and replicated in the real world.

Our Fellowship Program

The provider who performed this precise, fluoro guided ACL injection procedure was Ben Newton, our first fellow here at Centeno-Schultz. Right now, we have the world’s only 100% regenerative medicine and orthobioligics focused fellowship. That means that experienced doctors who have completed years of residency training are first vetted based on their skills. Most never get past that step, as most that are interested aren’t qualified. If they do make it pass a skills screen, then they go through a competitive interview process. Finally, if they make it through those gauntlets, they spend a year at our clinic learning interventional orthopedics. Ben made it through with flying colors and then stayed awhile as an attending. He finally ended up with a great group of doctors in our Washington DC affiliate’s clinic and they are lucky to have him.

This Patient’s Story

This is a 41 year old man who injured his ACL skiing in February 2017. He was normally very active, but after finishing physical therapy and decreasing his activity, his knee still felt unstable. He didn’t want surgery, which would have been the normal next step if he couldn’t return to all activities. However, he went online and found out that Regenexx was the place where the ACL stem cell injection procedure was invented. Living in the DC metro area, he made his way to our DC affiliate, Stem Cell Arts and saw Dr. Newton.

On his exam, his knee was unstable in the ACL, MCL, and LCL and was tender. His MRI demonstrated a proximal ACL injury, MCL, LCL and medial meniscus changes and bony “kissing” contusion. He opted for the precise stem cell injection instead of surgery in October. To see what that procedure looks like, check out my video below:

The patient took it easy for 6 weeks and then went slowly back to activity. He only had a hiccup or two of stiffness but yoga helped a ton. He’s now back to doing all exercises with no pain or instability. He also just booked his annual ski trip out west! If he had had surgery, he could have expected twice as much downtime.

The MRI Images

His before MRI image is above, showing a full thickness tear in the proximal ACL. His after image is on the right, showing that his ACL stem cell procedure result is that this tear has healed. Enough said.

The upshot? The true mark of a game-changing medical procedure is one that can be taught. This procedure is difficult to do and right now, only about 100 US physicians have learned it and are talented enough to have reproducible results. Most of those doctors are on the Regenexx network, but some have been educated through the world’s only course through the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation. In the meantime, if you’re in the DC metro area, you have a hot shot doc who completed our one year fellowship, right there in suburban Virginia!

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