Bartolo's Successful Stem Cell Injections

POSTED ON 5/14/2011 IN Results BY Christopher Centeno

bartolo's stem cell

Bartolo's stem cell therapy success...  Being the first clinic in the United States to use stem cell therapy injections in orthopedics, and the only one that has a significant number of scientific publications on stem cell injections and that has an advanced stem cell lab as part of it's medical practice, we're happy to see these valuable injection therapies getting the media attention they deserve. We've known for years that in the right patients, these injection therapies can work to replace the need for more invasive surgeries. Bartolo, like many of our athlete stem cell patients such as Jarvis Green, seems to have benefited the same way that many non-professional athletes and weekend warriors have benefited from stem cell injections. As we've said and was echoed today by, these therapies are "Microfacture 2.0", the next, less inavasive evolution of more invasive stem cell surgeries that have been used for years.

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