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ankle stem cell A few times a year I head down to RegenexxCayman, an independently owned and operated clinic and lab that has licensed our advanced cultured stem cell procedure (which is not approved for use in the U.S.). This is to treat patients who we believe will benefit from more stem cells through culture. When I arrive in Grand Cayman, I begin what I call "Island Time", meaning things slow a bit from my personal break neck pace back in Colorado. I thought I would highlight some patients that I'm seeing this morning in Grand Cayman. One gentleman is a retired businessman who had significant ankle pain and was seen previously to get cultured stem cells injected into his main ankle joints (tibio-talar and talo-navicular). Before his injection in February of 2013, his friends noticed a big limp. Soon after that, they were amazed that his limp went away, so he's been actively referring friends ever since. He reports almost 100% resolution of his pain and he can now enjoy golf in his well deserved retirement! He's back down to get some work on his knee. The second ankle stem cell patient that I evaluated was from Australia. This gentleman is an avid dirt biker and last year his knee had become so bad that he could barely bear to have a blanket placed on it. His ankle also had severe pain, both of which limited his ability to ride a bicycle, let alone his dirt bike. He's now about 90% improved in both areas after an injection of his own cultured cells. He had severe knee arthritis, so his physicians back home have been amazed. He's now back to a more tame version of dirt bike racing and playing with his young kids! The upshot? It's always gratifying to see patients with knee and ankle issues who are replacement candidates get such robust results from a single advanced treatment using their own stem cells down in Grand Cayman. While "Island Time" might slow down my daily blogging, I love giving patients a window into the exciting work we can accomplish through the dedicated staff of the RegenexxCayman clinic and lab!

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