Crossfitter's Regenexx Knee Arthritis Treatment Still Going Strong!

POSTED ON 7/13/2016 IN Results BY carol 

Social Media is a great way to get updates on patients on the other side of the world!  Mike Wong, an Australian Crossfit enthusiast and Regenexx Australia patient posted this on Instagram recently, and it's wonderful to see his Regenexx knee arthritis treatment is still going strong! Looking to avoid surgery, Mike Wong traveled to Europe to get a Regenokine treatment. Orthokine, also called Regenokine, is actually a natural anti-inflammatory shot made famous by Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately, the people traveling to Europe for treatment are generally under the impression that it is a regenerative stem cell type treatment, which it is not. After the treatment, Mike upped his crossfit training schedule to ten times a week, and his knee gave way during a squat. Despite the swelling he continued training and neither acupuncture, massage, nor physical therapy helped. He had Arthroscopic knee surgery in March 2014 which did not help either. Still plagued by pain and swelling, Mike found his way to Dr. Kevin Boundy of Regenexx Australia. His May MRI revealed why the pain and swelling were so persistent when a 10mm X 10mm hole in his cartilage and bone cysts were found. Mike received a Regenexx knee arthritis treatment from Dr. Boundy when he was treated with the Regenexx SD procedure that June. The upshot? I enjoy Crossfit myself as it's a way to get a great workout in a short period of time. A 170 kg Back Squat is something I could never aspire to and most of us would never attempt, but it's a really wonderful thing to see our unique Regenexx knee arthritis treatment protocol, Regenexx SD, allow someone with that kind of dedication and talent being to do what they love! Go Mike!

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