From Chronic Knee Pain to IRONMAN® - A Regenexx Stem Cell Patient's Story

POSTED ON 1/8/2016 IN Results BY Christopher Centeno

The term "Iron man" has many connotations - the movie character, a solid constitution, or a 20-something super fit person who rides, swims, and runs for hours on end. Michelle is a weekend warrior, who like many of us loves to run and ride her bike. But a knee meniscus surgery left her struggling with constant knee pain for many years and ended her ability to run. When she was presented with a choice to get a knee replacement at a relatively young age and likely end her dream of finishing the IRONMAN® race, or try to use the patented Regenexx stem cell procedure to avoid the surgery, she chose Regenexx. Documentary film-maker Doug Orchard has captured her story brilliantly! Enjoy!

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