Full thickness ACL tear with meniscus damage...patient report of outcome.

POSTED ON 10/19/2009 IN Results BY Christopher Centeno


This is an interesting outcome report on a patient with good stem cell injection results who had very serious problems with his ACL and meniscus.  BL is a 53 year old physical therapist who injured his knee about 1.5 years before we first evaluated him in our Colorado clinic.  On his MRI he had a full thickness ACL tear without retraction and a torn and displaced bucket handle tear of the medical meniscus (the MRI above is not his, but a good example of a similar appearing MRI view through the ACL (which I have labeled with a thin dashed line)).  His meniscus was pushed medially and hanging mostly out of the joint.  It should be noted that initially we had him in the FAIR category for this type of stem cell procedure, but later revised that to POOR after his exam showed more than we expected.    Since he didn't want an ACL replacement surgery, we focused on injecting stem cells into the ACL and meniscus area.  At 4 months post procedure, he reports 90% improvement in symptoms. This patient was treated with the Regenexx-C (cultured stem cell injections). Remember that not all knee patients with ACL tears would be expected to get these same results.

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