Helping a Cross-fit Guru with Knee Arthritis get His Squat Back!

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Regenexx is really about data. For the past several years I've highlighted data from our registry which shows the results of a broad slice of many patients, because that's the most ethical way to present results. Having said that, I've gotten complaints from patients that they really don't resonate with data, instead they would rather see stories about patients who are like them. So this morning I'm highlighting an Australian cross fit enthusiast with a bad knee who suddenly appeared on Instagram a few weeks ago demonstrating just how well he was doing after having his own stem cells injected with our unique protocol. Michael first contacted our network provider in Australia, Keven Boundy, M.D. in February of last year. He was 30 years old, worked in natural foods, and was (and is) an avid cross fitter.  He had had 2 Orthokine injections before he saw Dr. Boundy, but was still having problems with pain and swelling. This is an important detail, as we see many patients fly to Europe to get these natural anti-inflammatory shots because Kobe Bryant got them, but their efficacy is not great (despite the hype). He had injured his knee when he ramped up his cross fit training to ten times a week and felt his knee give way with a heavy squat. Even though the knee swelled, he went back to training and things just got worse. He ultimately tried physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture to no avail. He eventually went on to a knee arthroscopic surgery in March of 2014, but this didn't do well either. In May he had an MRI showing a 10 X 10 mm hole in the cartilage with bone cysts so he opted for a Regenexx-SD procedure in June. His results are above! This is his all time best squat! The upshot? Not every Regenexx knee arthritis  patient gets these results, which is why we post and publish in scientific journals the results of a broad slice of patients. Having said that, it's personally gratifying to see the protocol you created be used halfway around the world and see the results posted instantly on social media!

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