Holy %$#!, Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis help Bow Hunter bring Down Really Big and Scary Bear!

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stem cells for knee arthritis

Can stem cells for knee arthritis help a hunter get back to taking down big game? Jeb is a 54 year old first seen by us in March of 2010 with a history of 15-20 years of right knee pain. He had several knee surgeries (4 in total) where they removed pieces of his meniscus and cartilage through the years. He had also tried cortisone shots, but finally stopped those as they had diminishing returns. He was then told he needed a knee replacement. At the time he was first seen, he couldn't stand in any one place for any length of time due to knee pain. He was featured in this post back in February when he was 1.5 years out from a Regenexx-C knee stem cell procedure. Well, Jeb is now 2 years out from his initial procedure and just had an updated Regenexx-C stem cell procedure back in May. I opened my e-mail this morning and saw this picture and said, holy %$#@! Here's his update report:

"Thx to the Regenexx procedure, I am able to bow hunt big game like this grizzly which looks like it will be the #2 all time entry in Pope & Young . I am also able to hunt mountain goats in the toughest terrain British Columbia has to offer. The good news is that my knees will enable me to try again after four failed attempts! -Jeb Balise" The number 2 entry in Pope and Young means that this is the second biggest grizzly brought down with a bow and arrow on record. The four failed attempts refer to his many prior surgical procedures before Regenexx. The upshot? Big game beware, Jeb is back!

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