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I love hearing from patients who have been treated by a Regenexx facility, regardless of the outcome. To that end, I recently received a message from one of our knee patients whose video had inspired another patient to seek Regenexx treatment for his knee. That patient posted his story this recently on Facebook in hopes of inspiring other people in need of treatment, like Joe Young had inspired him. Joe Young was treated back in February of 2016 by Dr. Adelsheimer of RAPS in Pittsburgh. His knee was so bad that he found himself sitting on the sidelines, unable to be the dad he desperately wanted to be to his young family. Because he was too young for a total knee replacement, he was excited about the chance to get a partial knee replacement until a friend who was a physical therapist explained why that would not be a good idea at his age and suggested he look into something called Regenexx. Joe used the success of his Regenexx SD knee stem cell treatment as a tool to build back his strength, to be there for his family, and to inspire others. Here is Joe's video:


The Message from Wes

We're so glad to hear you're doing so well, Wes!  Wes was treated at our Virginia Regenexx Provider, Stem Cell ARTS. The Upshot? We put an awful lot of time, cutting-edge research and development, resources, training, teaching, and the desire to help into providing treatment that gives patients the best possible chance of recovery. But it's patients like Joe and Wes and all the patients here who come to us wanting to tell their stories to help others that inspire me to keep at it!      

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