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Regenexx Research Results Contest

It's #SatStats, our Regenexx Research Results Contest again, and this week the research question is about our advanced registry. Unlike everyone else in this space, we've tracked our patient results using standardized questionnaires in a registry for many years. This week's question is therefore about that outcome data. The winner will get a free 3 month's supply of the Regenexx Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula.

Today's question is on knee arthritis. We're going to release our 4 year percentage improvement data soon, just as we released our pain and function data on the same knee stem cell patients this last week. This will again be the largest data set of knee arthritis patients tracked in a registry for the longest period of time who have been treated with a stem cell injection. No other data set yet released is even close. The percentage improvement metric is interesting, as unlike a standardized functional questionnaire, patients resonate with this information. Meaning, if I could walk up to a knee arthritis patient and only ask one question to determine how well their procedure worked, it would be, "What percentage change in your knee condition have you had since the procedure?" Unlike a long functional questionnaire where 10 or 20 questions get at the same information, this one question is intuitive.

So today's #SatStat question is about percentage improvement in yet unreleased data (so you won't find it anywhere on our site). At three years out from the procedure, of the patients that responded to this registry question, what percentage of the patients were reporting more than 50% relief of their knee pain as a result of the Regenexx-SD knee procedure? While we reported three year percentage improvement data last year, this years data had more patients reach that milestone, so the number will be different (although you may be able to get some hints from looking at the existing data on the Regenexx Stem Cell Outcomes page).

You can record your answers on Twitter by tweeting to #SatStats or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Regenexx . The three month supply of the stem cell support formula that you'll win is valued at about $300. This formula was created based on our year long lab research project looking at how various supplement ingredients helped stem cells in our advanced research facility in Colorado. Only the top performers went into the bottle!

The upshot? Happy #SatStats! The people that did some homework last week had the best chances of winning, so if I were you I'd dig around the site a bit to determine the general range of where the guess should fall.  

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