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#SatStats: What Percentage of the World’s Orthopedic Stem Cell Research Literature Has Regenexx Published?

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orthopedic stem cell research

Its #SatStats again, a time when we get our viewers involved in our research. This past week we had another peer reviewed publication accepted, this time on data from our registry on hip arthritis patients. With this publication, we add to the number of patients we’ve treated relative to the number that have been published world-wide who have received orthopedic stem cells treatments (bone marrow). For #SatStat, you can win $1,000 off a Regenexx-SD stem cell treatment if you guess the correct percentage of the world’s literature Regenexx has published when you add this new paper.

For some background, the research publications on the use of bone marrow stem cells for orthopedic injuries go back to 1997. I put together an infographic on approximately 99% of the orthopedic stem cell research papers and the number of patients treated for each. The contest will be based on this document, to make sure everyone’s on a level playing field. So if you add up all of the patient numbers (n’s) in the document for our research and then add up all from the entire document, you’ll get a rough percentage before the hip paper was accepted for publication. That percentage represents the fraction of patients Regenexx has published versus the total ever published. The hip paper also has a certain number of patients treated, so your guess for that number needs to be added to both patient n’s (our patients and the total) and then the percentage re-figured.

The $1,000 off only applies to Colorado and the guess has to be placed on our Twitter feed or Facebook post. I’ll announce the winner on Monday. Since this will involve a small change in percentage, your percentage guess needs to be three decimal places (i.e. 25.956%). The closest to the actual number gets the $1,000 off a Regenexx-SD procedure. Happy guessing!


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