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A Telemark Skiing Update on a Recent ACL Stem Cell Patient

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This weekend I’m lecturing at the World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography conference in Miami, so this morning I’ll keep it short. I was sent this video yesterday by an avid telemark skier who I had blogged on previously. We treated her complete┬áACL rupture with our proprietary ACL stem cell technique last year. Nothing can tell you how she’s doing without surgery like the video above! Look at all that Colorado powder!

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    Jane Kibler says

    I'm interested in stem cell for knees. I'm afraid of knee replacement surgery. Does insurance cover this yet? How does the stem cell know when to quite growing cartilage once enough has grown, or isn't that what it does?


    Chris Centeno says

    I don't blame you! It is very invasive surgery and you're very wise to look into all other options first, as joint replacement should always be the last resort. Unfortunately though, insurance doesn't cover stem cell procedures yet. Your stem cells know when to stop because the normal signals that naturally tell your cells to stop growing in the joint are still present so the stem cells cease to grow the same way cells in your joint normally would. Because these are your own cells, this happens seemlessly. Stem cells do help with cartilage, however "retreading" of a joint with cartilage the way a tire gets retreaded is not posiible, nor necessary, as it's not the lack of cartilage that causes the pain, it's the nerves. Please see: and and If you'd like your particular case to be evaluated for Candidacy, please submit the Candidacy Form.


    Robin Bartosh says

    Thank you for putting this in your blogs. I am 4 months out of injections to R knee, partial ACL tear and no cartilage. Iam also a tele skier from Colorado, Durango. I have had a great winter on cross country and back country skis and snow shoes with increased stability and decreased pain. Im thrilled to see the quality of life for others as well. I knew I made the right decision before I payed for the procedure. Totally worth the cost. I am an OT, for the past 25 years, with quite a hx of TKR. No thank you..... Thank you Dr. Markel and your PT there for my quality of life....


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