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Top 10 Most Visited Regenexx Blogs of 2016!

POSTED ON IN Latest News BY Chris Centeno

top 10 regenexx blogs

Today and later this week, I’ll be sharing blogs from 2016 that make various top 10 Regenexx blogs lists: top 10 most clicked blogs, top 10 most shared on Facebook and retweeted, and so on. This blog is my list of the top 10 most visited posts of the year.

Numbers 1 and 2, covering research that shows that two of the most common elective orthopedic surgeries in the world don’t work, are not a surprise. Most patients don’t know that many common operations either have no high-level research showing they work or have research showing they’re no better than placebo. These two also went viral on social media.

Number 3 is a surprise, but given that the single biggest complaint I hear from patients and just about everyone I meet is tight hamstrings, perhaps not! Number 4 is a big surprise as I wouldn’t think that loss of the neck curve would interest a large number of people, even though many people have it as a problem that’s slowly frying their neck. Number 5 is one I would expect to see on this list as most patients simply don’t know that pain is common after a knee replacement. In fact, they seem to be sure of the opposite, that their knee will no longer hurt after they get the joint replaced.

Stem cell clinic reviews, number 6, is also not a surprise to see in the top 10 Regenexx blogs. Many patients are interested in stem cell treatments, and the first thing they search for is likely a review. The fact that an obscure surgery like gastrocnemius recession shows up on this list is a shocker. However, we got many comments on this calf-lengthening-surgery review, so it attracted controversy. Number 8, about neck flexion-extension X-rays, I wouldn’t expect to see on this list. It’s not too surprising that number 9 on SI-joint PRP injections is here as there are lots of patients who carry this diagnosis and who have only tried toxic steroids. Finally, number 10, about the research showing that knee and hip arthritis are likely different diseases, is expected as that’s new information to many arthritis sufferers.

The upshot? Enjoy reading the “Top 10 Most Visited Regenexx Blogs of 2016”! Given the diversity of topics that made the top 10 Regenexx blogs list this year, it’s good that I write about all sorts of stuff!

1.Should I Have Meniscus Surgery?

The most common orthopedic surgery in America had its final epitaph written this month with a level-1 study showing that surgery for meniscus locking is no better than doing nothing. Other studies show it’s no better than placebo or sham surgery. Surprised?
2. New England Journal of Medicine: R.I.P. Back and Neck…
There has been an explosion in low-back and neck fusion surgeries in the past two decades. However, I often tell my patients that “fusion is a dog with big fleas.” Now, new research shows that the risky and invasive procedure was not helpful in patients with stenosis.
tight hamstrings knee pain
 3. Tight Hamstrings and Knee Pain: What You Need to Know!
Are your tight hammys frying your knees? Tight hamstrings and knee pain often go hand in hand. Improving muscular imbalances may help resolve the issue.

4. What Is Straightening of the Normal Cervical Lordosis? Can…

What is straightening of the normal cervical lordosis? If you read a handful of neck X-ray reports, you’ll likely see that the radiologist has said on a few that there is a loss of the normal neck curve. Learn how this abnormality is likely slowly frying your neck!

5. Why Do So Many People Still Have Knee Pain After Knee…

The main reason you might make the drastic decision to undergo a knee replacement is to relieve your chronic knee pain, but did you know that many patients still have pain after the surgery?

6. Stem Cell Clinic Reviews: Perception vs. Reality

Even higher-quality stem cell clinics come up short when compared to the patented stem cell protocol and clinical experience offered by a Regenexx provider.

7. Gastrocnemius Recession Recovery? Do NOT Get This…

Concerned about gastrocnemius recession recovery? You should be! Please don’t get this surgery…

8. What Is a Flexion-Extension X-ray?

What is a flexion-extension X-ray, and why is it critical that someone with back or neck pain get one? We provide the answer and how to get accurate results.

9. SI Joint Injection Side Effects: PRP vs. Steroid Shots for…

SI Joint injection side effects are a problem that can be avoided by skipping the steroids and instead opting for newer regenerative treatments, like PRP.

We all hear the term “arthritis,” and as a result, we believe that knee arthritis and hip arthritis are the same diseases, just located one joint apart. This likely is not really the case…

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    JOHN DENAME says

    I have done a lot of research concerning diabetic peripheral neuropathy of the legs but have not discovered/learned of any new medical advances that provide information to manage this problem. Any information you can provide is deeply appreciated.


    Chris Centeno says

    Our research focusses on regenerative interventional orthopedic treatment using stem cells and platelets for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. You might find these interesting: and and and


    Jeanne Hackman says

    Are there any plans to open a regenex clinic in NC or closer than Florida or Virginia?


    Chris Centeno says

    There is a plan in place for a clinic in North Carolina.


    anna says

    Thanks for sharing..


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