Clinic Overview

Patients and their physicians have a number of options for the treatment of pain; some treat the perception of pain at the brain level with opiates and narcotics and others treat the source by reducing inflammation and resetting nerve activity.

Opiates and narcotics provide only short term relief with many side effects including addiction and gastrointestinal issues. Corticosteroid injections are used to treat the source of pain but are limited in their scope and dosage due to a host of side effects including bone and tissue degeneration, mood changes, weight gain and suppression of natural healing agents.

The Doctors at Catalyst Pain Solutions set out to find a new procedure that was not only effective, but safe, giving patients an option to typical pain management techniques.

Recently their medical team developed a procedure that safely treats the “source” of pain without the typical side effects of corticosteroids or oral Low-Dose Steroidal anti-inflammatories. This amazing shift in medical pain management strategy is helping thousands return to the life they deserve.