Regenexx Cayman is the only clinic in the world offering the full suite of Regenexx procedures, including Regenexx-C.

Cultured Stem Cell Treatments: 

  • Regenexx-C: Regenexx-C is the world’s most advanced stem cell procedure. During this two-part cultured stem cell procedure, extracted stem cells are expanded, producing 100 to 1,000 times the number of cells than what was initially harvested, and thoroughly tested for quality assurance. This process typically takes four to six weeks. Patients then return for their re-injection cycle.
  • Regenexx-C Disc:The Regenexx-C Disc protocol is an advanced, minimally-invasive treatment for injured discs, herniations, and spine stabilizers. Regenexx-C Disc is a great alternative for individuals considering back surgery.

After culture expansion, Regenexx Cayman provides one year of complimentary stem cell storage at Regenexx Cayman’s premier laboratory, so patients can use their cells for future treatment.

Same Day Stem Cell Treatments:

  • Regenexx-SD: Using state-of-the-art separation methods, our expert laboratory cell biologists produce a highly specific mixture of stem cells and natural growth factors. This dosage is patient specific, based on the physician’s recommended treatment plan. Re-injection occurs on the same day, using image guidance for accurate placement.

Blood Platelet Treatment:

Regenexx Blood Platelet treatments utilize advanced processing for plasma separation, yielding up to 40 times the natural concentration of platelets, unlike the common bedside centrifuge used for PRP, which only yields 2 to 3 times the natural platelet concentration.

  • Regenexx-SCP: Regenexx expert lab technicians produce a highly purified and concentrated blood platelet plasma, delivering an extremely potent dose of natural healing blood plasma to the site of injury.
  • Regenexx-SCP Advanced: After the plasma purification and concentration, our skilled cell biologists increase for specific healing growth factors before reinjection occurs.
  • Regenexx-PLM: During the Platelet Lysate Max procedures, the Regenexx laboratory technicians lysate the highly purified and concentrated blood platelet plasma. This process uncouples the growth factors inside the blood platelets for isolation. Uncoupled growth factors are fast-acting healing stimulants in comparison to standard blood platelet treatments.