We are the only Regenexx provider offering the full suite of Regenexx procedures, including Regenexx-C (cultured stem cell treatment) and Cryopreservation (stem cell storage).

Located in the Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory, well known for its safety and excellent medical tourism facilities, Regenexx Cayman has become a destination for patients from around the world since 2011. With 13 visiting physicians and a team of 25 qualified and caring Cayman-based staff, Regenexx Cayman provides an impeccable patient experience.

Regenexx-C is the most advanced orthopedic stem cell procedure available in the world. It is the ideal treatment option for patients with severe orthopedic injuries, or advanced degeneration, who might not respond well to same-day treatment. Regenexx-C is also great for patients looking to treat multiples joints at once, and patients looking to save their stem cell for future treatments.

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Cryopreservation allows patients to store their stem cells, at their current biological age, for future orthopedic use. A safeguard against the wear-and-tear of age, injuries, or unexpected orthopedic conditions, cryopreservation is a cutting edge, proactive, and preventative health care option.

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