BurstDR Stimulation

Imagine Your Life Transformed: BurstDR Stimulation

For more than 40 years, spinal cord stimulation (SCS) has managed chronic pain. As a minimally invasive form of nuerostimulation therapy, SCS controls chronic pain in the arms, legs, back and neck of patients who suffered an injury or resulting from pain following spine surgeries, nerve damage pain, or other pain syndromes of spinal origin. BurstDR stimulation is a new form of nuerostimulation that is revolutionizing the way doctor’s treat chronic pain.

BurstDR stimulation has been clinically proven in numerous studies around the world to provide superior pain relief compared to other traditional neurostimulation therapy.1,2

BurstDR involves a doctor implanting a small device that powers thin wires along the spinal cord. The device interrupts pain signals from being transmitted to the brain through the use of low level electrical energy. Using a unique form of stimulation, the BurstDR system is able to change the perception and experience of pain in the brain.

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The following video explains what BurstDR stimulation is and how it works.

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