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Regenexx solutions provide a non-surgical option for many suffering from pain and loss of function due to a foot or ankle injury. To learn more about whether Regenexx could be a solution for you, fill out our online candidacy form. One of our patient care coordinators will work with you to take the next steps toward recovery. Let's talk today.

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Avoid Ankle Surgery with Regenexx

Damage to the Achilles tendon is the most common form of tendon damage and typically results from acute injury or overuse often as a result of athletics. When the Achilles Tendon tears, the recommended course of treatment is a risky surgery with a > 10% complication rate. Because of the invasive nature of this procedure, recovery is lengthy, and a recent study suggests that it is no more effective than immobilizing and bracing the ankle for a few weeks.

During this outpatient procedure, our expert physicians use precise image guidance to inject custom concentrations of your body's natural healing agents into the exact areas of damage to repair strain and tears to the Achilles tendon. Best of all, your downtime will be a fraction of surgery, with little to no need for opioid pain medications or time off of work. Call our patient care coordinators today to get started on your path to recovery.

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Ankle Osteoarthritis Testimonials
Regenexx Patients
"It gave me my life back. I'm able to do everything, just the way I was before."

Regenexx Patients

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Chris Centeno, M.D.
"I've been doing orthopedic stem cell work longer than any other physician in the United States. I invented much of this field."

Chris Centeno, M.D., Regenexx Founder

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The Regenexx Difference

Regenexx invented precise, image-guided procedures that use your body’s natural healing agents to repair ankle tendons non-surgically.

13 Years Experience

Regenexx invented the most advanced regenerative stem cell procedure for ankle conditions.

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An Ankle Surgery Alternative

Can Interventional Orthopedics offer a better solution than ankle surgery? Read how an innovative, and less invasive injection procedure exists and why Regenexx is the only network of physicians trained to perform these types of image guidance procedures. 

Interventional Orthopedics

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Patient Focused

Is your ankle sore after walking? Our physicians listen to patients discuss their pain symptoms and diagnose their condition, explain their options, and solve their ankle pain with proven protocols mastered at Regenexx.  

Impact of Instability

Recovery Time

Do you have a high ankle sprain? Patients are able to get back to activity faster and with less residual pain through the use of Orthobiologics

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Regenexx Results

Since 2005 we have conducted research, accumulated patient results data and obtained direct feedback from our patients. With one purpose in mind. To help you make an informed, confident decision to treat your condition.

Patient Results

Regenexx has performed more than 69,000 procedures worldwide. Regenexx keeps records of Regenexx procedures performed by physicians in our network in our outcomes database.

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 Patient Feedback

We obtain responses from our patients describing their results in their own words. 


Ankle Tendon Tears Videos

Watch videos about Regenexx procedures, patient results, and our approach to treating ankle tendon tears non-surgically.

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