Knee Osteoarthritis

Is there a better option than knee replacement?

Osteoarthritis of the knee is one of the top five causes of disability among the elderly ranking as high as cardiovascular disease. Regenexx offers a non-surgical method of regenerating worn or damaged cartilage that uses your body's natural healing agents. 

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Avoid Knee Surgery with Regenexx

Have you been told that steroid injections or invasive surgery are your only options to treat osteoarthritis in your knee? Interventional orthopedics provides a non-surgical alternative that uses your own cells to repair the damage.

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic disabilities in the United States that causes pain and a reduction in range of motion and possible activity until even walking becomes difficult. Common treatment options include harmful steroid injections and risky surgeries that don’t restore patients to full function while the joint continues to deteriorate over time. As knee osteoarthritis progresses, total knee replacement is the most common treatment.

The innovative Regenexx procedures restore knee function and mobility and decrease pain without the need for surgery by regenerating damaged tissue. During this outpatient procedure, our expert physicians use precise image guidance to inject custom concentrations of your body's natural healing agents into the exact areas of damage to tighten and stabilize your knee joint for better function and mobility. Call our patient care coordinators today to get started on your path to recovery.

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Knee OA
Marie and Don
"I can do the things I couldn't do before the procedure. I can put weight on the knee. I can push back. I can move forward."

Marie and Don, Retired Mathematics Professors

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Mike Goro
I think you're gonna find out what I found out. This is absolutely remarkable. If I have any kind of problem with any of my joints, I'm going the stem-cell route.

Mike Goro, Regenexx Knee Patient

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Jarvis Green
"After I had the injections, three days later all my pain went away, my inflammation went away, my range of motion went back to 100%. To have that edge and to feel that way, that was a miracle."

Jarvis Green, 2x Superbowl Champion

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Joe Young
"I never dreamed that I could actually go out on a field and pass a soccer ball with my kids."

Joe Young, Father

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Demetrios Papas
"Having had the stem-cell therapy almost three years ago, I can still do the soccer tournaments that translated anywhere from 30-34 miles in the weekend."

Demetrios Papas, Soccer Referee

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Joel Sarette
"I don't have any limitations at this point. I'm fully active. And I have a lot happier wife and kids."

Joel Sarette, Competitive Bodybuilder

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Chris Centeno, M.D.
"I've been doing orthopedic stem cell work longer than any other physician in the United States. I invented much of this field."

Chris Centeno, M.D., Regenexx Founder

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The Regenexx Difference

Regenexx invented precise, image-guided procedures that use your body’s natural healing agents to repair knee functionality non-surgically.

The Knee-Owner's Manual

This free e-book by Chris Centeno, M.D. examines the knee and its role within the human musculoskeletal system and the body as a whole.

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We Know the Dose

What's the proper knee arthritis stem cell dose? Does your doctor know the proper dose of stem cells to inject or is he guessing? 

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Our Knee OA Research

Regenexx has conducted the world’s largest clinical study to support the viability of our procedure.

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Changing Lives

"I keep the cane as a reminder of where I was such a short time ago and take each day as a gift."

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Regenexx Results

Since 2005 we have conducted research, accumulated patient results data and obtained direct feedback from our patients. With one purpose in mind. To help you make an informed, confident decision to treat your condition.

Patient Results

Regenexx has performed more than 69,000 procedures worldwide. Regenexx keeps records of Regenexx procedures performed by physicians in our network in our outcomes database.

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 Joint Replacement Risks

Make an informed decision on whether knee surgery is right for you.

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Knee Osteoarthritis Videos

Watch videos about the Regenexx Knee Osteoorthritis procedure, patient results, and ways Regenexx can resolve osteoarthritis.

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