RCT Results

Amount of Perceived Improvement at 3-months (Regenexx-SD vs. Exercise Therapy)

ACL - Regenexx Procedure - 3 month outcomes

Our preliminary ACL RCT results show that a single-injection Regenexx-SD treatment leads to more patient-reported improvement compared to at-home exercise therapy after 3 months. The number of patients in each group are Exercise: 11 and Regenexx-SD: 25.

Amount of Function After Receiving Regenexx-SD treatment

ACL - Regenexx Procedure - treatment outcomes

Our preliminary ACL RCT results show that 1-year after receiving a Regenexx-SD treatment, patient function/activity levels increase from an average of 70% to an average of 95%. Function/activity levels are assessed via a questionnaire inquiring about an individual’s difficulty performing various activities (ex: squatting, walking, running, and ascending/descending stairs). The number of patients reporting at each time-point are 33, 25, 24, 18, and 10. Numbers decrease because fewer patients have reached the further-out time-points at this time.