Shoulder Labrum Tear

Research suggests labrum surgery performs no better than sham surgery

Emerging research shows that shoulder labrum surgery offers no significant benefit over no surgery at all in a large percentage of cases. Before you undergo the risk of surgery and the lengthy period of recovery, find out if Regenexx can help heal your torn labrum without surgery.

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Avoid Shoulder Surgery with Regenexx

Have you been told that you need surgery for a labral tear in your shoulder? A Percutaneous Labralplasty is a non-surgical, precise image-guided injection of your own healing cells into the tear. This Interventional Orthopedics procedure provides a better option than invasive surgery and allows you to avoid a lengthy recovery. 

The labrum is the lip around the socket of the main shoulder joint. A shoulder labral tear can be caused by a direct injury to the shoulder or as the result of prolonged wear and tear. The common surgical intervention for labral tears often involves an invasive procedure where the biceps tendon is disconnected and reattached at another location. Basically, the surgeon is a bull in the china shop of your normal shoulder biomechanics. These surgeries, moreover, often don't lead to better mobility and function while recovery is long, painful, and requires extensive physical therapy.

Another problem with surgery is that it often fails to address the subtle instability of the shoulder joint that caused the tear. Hence, while the labral tear may heal with the invasive surgery, the shoulder remains unstable, causing more labral injuries down the road. Our Percutaneous Labralplasty procedure also injects these lax shoulder capsular ligaments, tightening them down and restoring normal stability.

Finally, a recent large research study concluded that shoulder labral surgery was no more effective than a sham procedure. So instead of getting your shoulder torn apart and rebuilt, why not let our experts precisely inject your body's own healing cells into the tear to promote natural healing? Find out more below. 

Our expert physicians use precise image guidance to inject custom concentrations of your body's natural healing agents  into the exact areas of damage to tighten and stabilize your shoulder for better function and mobility. Best of all, your downtime will be a fraction of surgery, with little to no need for opioid pain medications or time off of work. Call our patient care coordinators today to get started on your path to recovery.

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John Schultz, M.D.
I want to confirm accurate placement in the labrum, and to do that, I need ultrasound.

John Schultz, M.D., Regenexx Physician

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"I'm doing all those movements even better than before this injury."

Stine, Crossfit Regional Champion

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Chris Centeno, M.D.
"I've been doing orthopedic stem cell work longer than any other physician in the United States. I invented much of this field."

Chris Centeno, M.D., Regenexx Founder

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The Regenexx Difference

Regenexx invented precise, image-guided procedures that use your body’s natural healing agents to repair rotator-cuff tears non-surgically.

13 Years Experience

Regenexx invented the most advanced regenerative stem cell procedure for Labrum tears, Percutaneous Labralplasty.

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Does Labrum Surgery Work?

High-level research shows that surgery on your labrum is no better than a sham procedure. 

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Watch a Patient with a Much Quicker Recovery

Just when most patients would be starting simple rotator cuff rehab, watch one patient performing advanced Pilates at four months after her Percutaneous Labralplasty.

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Why Labral Surgery Often Fails

Your surgeon has likely missed subtle instability that caused your labrum tear.   

Surgery Pros and Cons

Regenexx Results

Since 2005 we have conducted research, accumulated patient results data and obtained direct feedback from our patients. With one purpose in mind. To help you make an informed, confident decision to treat your condition.

Patient Results

Regenexx has performed more than 69,000 procedures worldwide. Regenexx keeps records of Regenexx procedures performed by physicians in our network in our outcomes database.

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 Learn How to Read Your Shoulder MRI

Dr. Centeno will walk you through it so you can figure out how to make sense of those images!

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Labrum Tear Videos

Watch videos about Regenexx procedures, patient results, and our approach to treating labrum tears non-surgically.

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