Chondroitin Knee Arthritis: More Evidence Chondroitin Works for Arthritis

More Evidence Chondroitin Works for Arthritis

chondroitin for knee arthritis

Chondroitin sulfate was back in the science news this week with another study showing that it helps arthritis. I’ve blogged before on the studies that show that Chondroitin seems to be an effective supplement for arthritis. This new study looked at the differences between a single dose of 1,200 mg versus three daily doses of 400 mg. Both were found to be equally effective in 353 patients with knee arthritis and both were more effective than placebo. This fits with MRI studies that show that for patients who take chondroitin for knee arthritis MRIs are better than for patients who don’t take chondroitin. In fact the only large study that didn’t show that this stuff worked was one where NIH pitted it against the dangerous drug Celebrex (an NSAID that will almost triple your cardiac sudden death risk). Chondroitin predictably produced smaller effects than the heavy handed pharma drug. However, that’s not the point of building block supplements like chondroitin. If you want less inflammation, take high dose fish oils. If you want cartilage protection, take supplements like glucosamine and chondoitin. The upshot? I think there’s enough evidence now that this non-toxic substance found naturally in many of the foods you eat like shellfish, meat, and poultry is a keeper.


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