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New Regenexx-C Stem Cell Procedure Infographic

Regenexx-C stem cell procedure infographic

We have been producing a series of infographics for patients so they can get a good feel for everything from the patient outcomes to lab data. This most recent one, Regenexx-C Stem Cell Procedure Infographic,  is about stem cell procedure testing and compares the lab release criteria of Regenexx-C to the FDA approval document listed for Genzyme Carticel. This cartilage procedure was approved in 1997 and takes cells from the knee, replicates for about the same amount of time as Regenexx-C, and then provides that back to the surgeon for re-implantation. Release testing is performed to check cell quality and other standrad metrics. Frankly, much of it isn’t all that useful for an autologous cell procedure, but we do it in Regenexx-C because it’s commonly used. As you’ll see from the infographic, what’s interesting is that the Regenexx-C procedure has about the same release criteria as this FDA approved procedure. In addition, they perform one test we don’t (Elution Assay) and we perform one test they don’t (Karyotype). The infographic is at this link…

*DISCLAIMER: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx® Procedures have a success and failure rate. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else.

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