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My New “Stem Cell” Botched Series

I really like the plastic surgery show “Botched.” Great medical commentary mixed with crazy stories. Given that we’re world experts in the field of orthopedic stem cell injection procedures and given that there’s an incredible amount of graft and fraud out there, we’re starting to see patients from across the street and all over the world who have had failed stem cell procedures. My first episode will be about an 80-year-old woman I saw this week.

This woman came to us because she had paid $11,000 for a local chiropractor to pay a nurse to inject her hip joint with “stem cells.” As I show in the video above, she never got live stem cells, and based on the X-ray image she was supplied, she also never got her hip joint injected, and what she really needs is platelet-based spine and hip tendon injections. So watch the video and enjoy!




*DISCLAIMER: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx® Procedures have a success and failure rate. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else.
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  1. This is a nightmare scenario. First of all, as a chiropractor, I am aware of the bogus “stem cell” procedures that are being touted in the Seattle region where I live. This bad actor, and his “nurse” associate should be in court and subjected to professional board inquiries. Hopefully, your physicians will testify for the plaintiff.
    One thing that would be helpful to patients–clearly state on your website how many treatments average are needed to obtain the statistical results you have published on the website regarding pain and joint function, and note the cost per procedure. I called to request this information, but was ignored when asking for averages on procedures per patient.

    1. Les, most patients undergo one stem cell procedure for peripheral joints. In about 20% of the patients, a second procedure will be pursued. When that happens, we do see additional relief based on registry data. In patients with severe OA, they generally repeat every 2-5 years. All of that data is in the published papers.

  2. I have had 2 stem cell (Otalagus) treatments at CHARM in Austin, Tx. On both knees. I’ve been pleased. Questions: If bone on bone, will stem cell treatments be able to prevent knee replacement? My friends ask me, saying it is too late to do stem cells & schedule knee replacements.
    I am an active exerciser & have problems when I do squats & lunges. My knees hurt after exercising. Do I need more stem cell treatments or do I go easy when exercising my knees?

    1. Eva,
      Wish we could advise, but we haven’t examined you, and the stem cell procedure you received wasn’t a Regenexx procedure, therefore we have no way to predict the results. Contacting the Doctor and inquiring whether additional treatment would be helpful might be a good idea as avoiding knee replacement is important.

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