About Us

We have clinics in Bellevue, Seattle, and Auburn. Our state of the art procedure suite is in the Bellevue clinic.

Procedure Suite at Ortho Regenerative

Here is a view of our interventional procedure room where we perform the majority of our precise, image guided injections. In this picture you see a fluoroscopic c-arm, which is a “live motion” x-ray machine. We have a top-of-the-line Philips Pulsera c-arm. This allows us to guide the needle into and around the the spine and joints. You also see a Sonosite X-Porte ultrasound machine, again top-of-the-line. This allows us to guide the needle into and around nerves, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. We also have a motorized, carbon fiber x-ray table. An AED and “crash cart” is also in the room. For ultimate safety, we are only 2000 feet away from Overlake Hospital’s emergency department. We also perform procedures across the street at Overlake Surgery Center, where we can offer IV sedation for your comfort and perform more advanced procedures.